Julian's captivating stage shows absolutely astound people!

Imagine experiencing the same sensational power of Julian's West End show at your very own event! Imagine the impact that would create for your guests, clients and colleagues! Imagine how it would bring your event vibrantly to life, filled with moment after moment of astonishment, audience participation, laughter & surprise!

Click here to read a review, by 'The Independent', of Julian's West End show at the Jermyn Street Theatre, in Piccadilly Circus!

Julian James is no stranger to the stage or platform. Amazingly, he has been performing on stages since the age of four! At only nine years of age, Julian gave his first paid professional show. At just thirteen, he was granted a performing licence to entertain the crowds at London's famous Covent Garden (the youngest ever to have earned such a licence)

Since then Julian has developed the freshest, most entertaining, mystifying and dynamic live experiences for all kinds of events – experiences that takes people's breath away.

Julian has astounded literally thousands of audiences. To see him captivate an audience is nothing less than extraordinary!

If you are organising an awards ceremony, a large banquet, a product launch, a sales conference or any other corporate event, Julian's show is guaranteed to make the impact and lasting impression you need.


What's exciting is that Julian can custom design a totally bespoke presentation a 'tailor made' show just for your event.

This means that he will not only keep your clients at the edge of their seats, and entertained like never before, but also deliver 'key messages' that are specific to the product, theme, or service you are showcasing. This has incredible impact, blending together relevant information, and driving home brand awareness, with jaw-dropping entertainment.

Customised shows, such as product launches, require Julian to design his presentation to specifically address the features of your product or service. This requires a creative/developmental process that takes place usually several weeks before the day of the event.

However, should this not be necessary for your particular function, you can simply decide upon one of Julian's 'ready-to-go' presentations. Julian offers a 30 minute show, a 45 minute show and a full 1 hour show (more specific durations can also be created to fit perfectly with your timing).

What's more, Julian can also serve as the host and compere for the entire evening and perform his Mind Magic as a feature presentation, or as smaller segments in-between other activities such as speeches and award presentations.

There are countless possibilities open to you.

Julian is an outstanding after dinner speaker, presenter and showman! There is absolutely no question that his presence at your function will bring it to life and have people talking about it for a very long time.

If what you're looking for is impact, if what you're looking for is amazement, if what you're looking for is something totally different, if what you're looking for is something that is sure to be a stunning success, Julian James offers all of this – and much more – through his engaging, unforgettable, one-of-a-kind approach to what he does!

Click here to find out exactly how Julian James can make your event the unforgettable experience it deserves to be!


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