The living room experience

Beautiful moments of mystery, connection and positivity, inside your own home.

I am proud to bring you The Living Room Experience.

Strictly limited to up to 10 people, The The Living Room Experience is my most intimate offering to date.

You're going to love the exclusivity and the mystery of an evening filled with deep fascination and beautiful moments of wonder, right in your very home!

Imagine this scenario: you invite your closest friends and family to come over.

You prepare some cool drinks and delicious canap├ęs for them to enjoy as they arrive.

There's a feeling of excitement in the air.

You make an announcement. Everyone gathers in the living room.


No one knows exactly what's going to happen.

All they know that Julian James will be joining them, but exactly what will take place... no one knows.

A charming mystery.

There's a feeling of beautiful anticipation.

The sensation of the unknown.

Julian's Living Room Experience is a special 1 hour mystery extravaganza for you and all of your guests. An evening that will take your bather away

To book Julian James to for this very special experience - inside your home - click here.



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